The certification process is for any organization, sector and size through which the set of actions of sanitization and verification of surfaces developed on the spaces, equipment and services of any establishment is guaranteed. This certification boosts confidence, an essential aspect for the economic and social recovery after the devastating effects of coronavirus, especially in the field of spaces dedicated to MICE tourism, as well as the concrete and timely coverage of events.

The extensive knowledge of all sectors of the business fabric and the use of a scientific methodology applied to prevention, analysis of samples and verification of spaces, allows us to offer a seal of quality that can display establishments. In this way, customers, workers and organizers of meetings and events, could find that the premises or propositions in inquest have implemented all the sanitary measures of prevention against the coronavirus.

For this purpose, and according to the instructions of the health authorities, there are technical specifications for the application covered by the certification. The protocol establishes an action plan for the activity of the establishment or premises, defining

the essential elements and guidelines to be applied for the safe maintenance of the event, drastically reducing the risks against the virus.

The certification includes the implementation of educational, informative and hygienic measures, technical, organizational, preventive, action and coordination, both collective and individual.

El-covid recognition allows organizations to know that they are implementing protocols to third parties (employees and customers), as well as to the company in and promote their commitment to providing healthy, anti-covid spaces.

Additional benefits

  • It allows guiding companies and organizations on the measures to be implemented, improving the hygienic-sanitary conditions and adaptation to the regulations of application.
  • Certified companies and organizations receive an added value of public recognition efforts to offer healthy spaces free of covid, gaining competitiveness and appreciation to the promoters of meetings and events.
  • Companies that can exhibit this certification will be ahead of their competitors and will be considered by the market as reliable companies and committed to the health of their customers. Employees and customers, gaining a plus of recognition and reputation in the current complicated panorama.
  • Use of the warranty seal physically in its premises and premises or on its platforms digital.

Monitoring protocols include:

  • Training and awareness-raising of staff;
  • Information to users and customers;
  • Implementation of hygienic measures;
  • Implementation of technical measures and technological systems;
  • Implementation of organizational measures;
  • Implementation of preventive measures;
  • Collection and analysis of surface samples and quality of elements such as air and water;
  • Definition of guidelines for action;
  • Coordination with suppliers and suppliers
  • And preparation of the corresponding certificate and quality seal.
  • The possibility of performing remote or documentary audits is supported by Information & Communication System. This measure reduces certification costs.


The amount of certification depends on different factors associated with the organization:

  • Sector and activity;
  • Dimensions of the establishment, enclosure or venues;
  • Maximum Allowable Capacity.

Certification Process

How is it certified?

The certification consists of auditing the Protocols of good practices implemented by the organization, whether physical or documentary, on the establishments and premises currently in operation.

  • It examines training provided to employees; information addressed to customers and users and communication with stakeholders.
  • Actions are audited regarding occupational health management and use of PPE, good practices disinfection, personal hygiene and proper use of chemicals.
  • Waste management and organizational measures are evaluated to minimize risks.

For all this, the protocol established by the organization will be compared with the guide prepared based on recommendations and requirements provided by health agencies national and international.

Laboratory tests are performed to verify the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces both for

COVID-19 as for other microorganisms such as aerobes and Enterobacteria. These tests allow confirming or ruling out the presence of the virus after disinfection, cleaning and sanitation.

In this way, the presence of coronavirus can be detected on commonly used surfaces and specific activities related to meetings and events and thus be able to ensure that the protocols are effective. Besides, provide at the same time that establishments and enclosures are safe spaces for workers, users, customers and citizens in general. These analyses are based on sampling and analysis of surface samples.

We also offer a comprehensive service through which we accompany the company or organization in the development and implementation of its management protocol against covid-19 for later be able to certify its correct application.

To whom is it aimed?

Companies, public and private entities and associations of any sector, with particular interest to:

  • Tourism
    • Hotels and apartments
    • Catering services
    • Golf courses
    • Road Transport for tourist
    • Marinas
    • Night Entertainment
    • Beach
    • Tourist information offices
    • MICE tourism
  • Comercial
    • Hairdressers and beauty centres
    • Fashion
    • Car dealers and workshops
    • Travel agencies
    • Shopping Centers
  • Residence of
    • Elderly
    • Students
  • Education
    • Nurseries
    • Colleges
    • Institute
  • Offices, branches and offices
    • Banking and insurance
    • Notaries, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers
  • Clinics and medical consultations
    • Dental
    • Podiatrists
  • Meeting spaces
    • Associations and clubs
    • Religious areas, churches, mosques, Brotherhood houses
  • Transport
  • Industry

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